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Tolls Road

work and lived here most of my life

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Need to but back Cash Tolls to slow down in coming vehicles that don't have transponders, it'll slow up out-of-towners and others, also to many speed Lanes that really don't help anyone but make money for private investors not the people, some areas that they're working on need more Lanes for everyone not just for the ones that can afford them and the don't know no better visitors to our roads, 95 is horrible, 595 is good, 75 the best, Turnpike under construction for speed Lanes, Dolphins Toll road is partially under construction but part bottlenecks traffic at points and at 120th at the service Plaza is a bottleneck also that's under construction, we need more open lanes not tolls on top of tolls 'for the people'.


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Hi Herbert! I'm Matteo, one of the facilitators here.
Thank you very much for your post! I can understand your frustration.
If you want you can learn more about how the tolls in express lanes at I-95 work or their reason to exist, at the following link: .
Anyone wishing to comment on or add to this, please do so. Thank you again for your post Herbert!

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