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To make the daily commutes of all South Florida drivers smoother, quicker and safer.

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I live in Broward county and my daily commutes have taken me from my home in plantation to Downtown Miami to Boca Raton. One of the glaring issues that will help address traffic all across Florida in my eyes is very simple. These delays end up affecting ones mental fortitude, and emotional strength each and every day. to be able to make it on time for your job you typically have to leave your home 30 to 45 minutes earlier just to account for traffic, taking you away from people able to provide extra time for yourself and your family. A portion of the traffic does occur from accidents but a majority of the traffic is caused by the lack of lanes for the extended population to travel on at peak times. Exit lanes are minimum and cause back ups and delays for miles back because of the citizens fighting to get off the highway and the use of tolls have caused many people to sit in traffic for hours at a time before getting home while others pay $10 dollars to get a few hundred feet ahead of others (I95). What can be done is to get rid of all tolls and expand the exit lanes and make dedicated lanes of exit for each individual exit. expanding the exit lanes and making dedicated lanes for each exit will nullify the traffic that build up from people exiting and closing tolls all a steady stream of traffic to move. A simple flat rate tax Can address any lost monetary the county and state will need to maintain the highway.


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Thanks very much for posting Stefan. I'm Katie, one of the facilitators here. I want to thank you for bringing up the topic of travel time interfering with family time - this is just the sort of thing we want to hear about. Is your job something you could do at home? Maybe not, but - I'm just wondering if Miami city could encourage working from home - for family reasons with the side effect of helping the traffic sit. It seems a bit odd to live in a modern, well, city of tomorrow, and not make use of the internet, and spend so long in traffic each day. I know a lot of bosses are suspicious of home work - just a thought - but do reply and let me know what you think.

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Hello Katie, yes that is an option that has been available to me. Being able to work at home has its pros but nothing in my opinion beats working from the office because of the access to everyone in your company and the resources available on site. Even if a portion of people happened to work from home to lower the traffic that still does not solve the problem. Traffic congestion begins at 7:30 am till 10 Am and 4pm to 8pm Monday through Friday. the lack of accessible roads, clogged streets and highways cause a trickle down affect to also our local roads. most of our roads are bottle necked even if you want to make a simple commute across the city during those times. It doesn't help either that the highways are always under constant repairs and renovations. I believe increasing the amount of lanes on the highways will loosen up traffic flow and also will decrease the snails pace people deal with as the exit lanes clear as the light lets people off to their destination. Realistically the issues probably lays in poor city planning or better yet the city outgrowing its original road ways. Renovating of roadways and proper maintenance will allow a better commute for most travelers. Also more 'Smart" traffic lights that monitor traffic flow would help manage time management. If the lights are more synced and integrated with real time traffic updates that would help facilitate the movement through the county and all of South Florida. Automation and Renovation would be my biggest additions.

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Thanks Stefan - if there was a train, or a bus, that took you to or near your work from your home would you prefer that?

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Improvement on public transportation would be good. We would need more hours of operations for bus routes and more buses in service. the train is good idea and we do have a metro that run from Miami Dade county to west palm but the frequency of travel is not that great. I am game for opening up more lanes on the highway and removing tolls from our biggest commuted highways and charge a flat rate from the county to maintain the highway. or improvement of public transportation because the time intervals between stops are not consistent enough.