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Whatever the solution to meet tomorrow's needs/logistics, it has to be financially feasible and sustainable!

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The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry [Robert Burns]...South Florida has over 6 million people from Pompano to Miami to move by train, bus, car or bike and growing congestion consuming time, energy and money. First priority is how to finance any solution that is feasible and sustainable—I propose $1/gallon tax to fund transit infrastructure improvements offset by savings in time/energy/money. If on average American drivers consume 656 gallons per person per annum x 6 million people x $1 tax / gallon (25% increase in current gas prices) = approximately $4B per annum to fund smart transit—optimization of routes, lights/signals, modes of transit over the coming years. Said increase in tax would encourage more ride shares, public transit and fewer/consolidation of trip frequency (i.e., going to the grocery store once a week vs daily or planning optional trips during not peak traffic times). Encourage employers to offer flex work schedules and business flexible hours (for example dentist or doctor hours noon-9pm, government offices staggered shifts for employees and operating hours to spread to smooth out traffic peaks & valleys). Don’t tax Peter to pay Paul, but across the board increase the fuel tax to improve transit infrastructure for planes, trains and automobiles. Airports / air control need to be upgraded, roads/bridges/tunnels need to be repaired and improved, bike paths added and made safer, water ways improved, etc. etc. –lots of investment requir

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Hello Jose! Thanks for you for your financial point of view, this is something really important to consider, this will add a lot of value to others ideas later on, I am sure.
I am Matteo one of the facilitarors here.
Please tell us a bit more about the transportation issues you are trying to fix.
What is your biggest pain point in moving around Miami? What would you change?
In this phase we are trying to find out what really needs to be solved, or helped, we will get to solutions in later stages of the challenge.
Thank you for posting again! These are some great observations nonetheless!