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The Ford Classic?

We re-educate everyone to look for a ford car designed to reduce traffic waves using techniques similar to those used in fluid dynamics.

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By driving a pace car in nascar you dictate the flow of cars behind you, the ford classic is a car that shouldn’t ever have to come to a complete stop on the highway by controlling the distance in front of you as well as behind you. We need a car that we see and that we can get behind for it to lead the way. The all new Ford Classic: lead the way. It leads because it never ever gets to close the car in front of the highway but never brakes completely to keep the flow “fluid” enough to trick our perceptions of drivers that traffic isn’t all that bad. Part of this idea is manipulating the perception of traffic by having ford car lead and pace the traffic accordingly so that we don’t waste gas, stick shift cars can at least stay in 2nd gear, and people won’t get late to work on highway if they don’t check the news or radio for an accident . The Ford Classic: Lead the Way. It’s a brand, it’s style of driving. Slow and steady wins the race. And it gets you where you need to go reasonably well. Stop and go traffic wastes your gas and makes folks uncontrollably hostile. We can ease that if someone set the pace! The standard! What better car to do than Ford! This is an opportunity to do something special here, Ford. Henry Ford changed the way we think and work, let’s change the way we drive. If not, I’m sure a rival competitor will lead the way then.

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HI Michael - I’m Katie, one of the facilitators here in this community. Welcome and thanks for your idea here. Strictly speaking we are looking for your travel experiences at this stage to make a foundation for ideas to come - however - this sounds like an idea that you actually could develop a pilot for by November this year just about see the How it work page for challenge info - so long as you don't expect Ford to develop a whole new car! - though obviously thanks for mentioning Ford. Maybe this could be the same kind of thing as getting a sat nav fitted? Are you a potential developer of this tech - does it exist already? Have a think about it and reply in the Propose phase and update your idea if this makes sense. In the meantime - any experiences of getting about in Miami - specific pinch points you encounter daily for example - most welcome. Oh, and do update your profile with an image - and city choice, thanks.