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The following is a proposal and idea that occurred to me while driving in Dade County's heaviest hours of traffic on a daily basis cummuting

I'd roughly estimate that 60% or more of traffic congestion is comprised of parents taking children to school. Remove that factor.

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As a Florida State Park Ranger, I commute on a daily up and down dade county at the peak hours of traffic congestion to. Having many countless hours of my life wasted in a car, its left many months and years of wondering how I would be able to solve the traffic problem. After pondering, and observing patterns for years, I've come to notice that the majority of the congestion is made up of parents delivering or picking up their children from schools. Ever wonder why traffic is much lighter during summer break? Example, It takes me 2hrs and 20mins to reach coconut grove from my home on the border of the Redlands. During summer months when school is not in session, it takes me half that time. Therefore, i propose that strategically placed central school pick up hubs are built throughout dade county to facilitate a much easier and more streamlined/efficient process for delivery and drop off of school kids to their parents. Additionally, dedicated bus lanes and public transport only lanes should be dedicated to ensure that these new forms of transport depart and arrives on time. Perhaps train or tram systems to deliver kids to their appropriate schools would also suffice. The parents reach those drop off/pick up hub points and they will be on their way stress free to work or back home without worry, Granted, this may not be a fix all, but its certainly a larges step toward the relief and I gaurentee will cut traffic commuting times in half for all residents. The future is now.


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Hi Giovanni, thank you so much for your service first and foremost. Zing Rides is a carpooling option for families looking for solutions. Our goal is to take more cars out of the road making more efficient and environmentally conscious commutes for kids. I would like to connect and get your feedback.

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