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" The Dancing Traffic Sergeant"

"21 years of law enforcement experience working in Miami Dade County" 9 Non politically correct real world solutions!

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Non Politically correct solutions: 1. Miami Dade County Traffic signals are frequently mis-timed, and poorly maintained, and systems do not have generator back up connections for hurricane or power failures, despite being permitted by FDOT (Design Standard index 17841). I will be happy to assist with reviews, and redesigning of roads with traffic circles that eliminate traffic lights that require timed delays before changing, and that also slow traffic that must restart when stopped. 2. Construction MOT' plans, and utility service contractors frequently work during peak traffic periods and further clog traffic, and disrupt efficient flow of traffic. Proper planning and night time work periods will reduce disruptions. 4. Elevate rail systems in urban environment, intersection closures frequently disrupt traffic up to 18 times per day. 5. Create delivery zones for all commercial areas as part of zoning, so trucks get out of roadways when making deliveries. 6. Create road ranger program for cities to quickly and efficiently remove disabled vehicles from roads, or re-route with cones as needed, easily added to any city's traffic unit if vehicle and equipment grants provided. 7. Directional traffic flow patterns which expand and contract as needs change, more out flow from city during afternoon rush hour, and more inbound during morning rush hour. 8. Count down timers on top of the traffic signals, prepare drivers to go faster. 9. Vehicular cell phone for emergencies only.

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Hi Marc - thanks for this - your experience shows through. Do you mean these are non PC because they are abut cars and driving not trains and walking and so on? - These challenges will be looking to find new ways to increase mobility in any way, I wasn't sure what to expect with a title like that! Thanks for these suggestions - you will see most of these points, or some very like them all over this part of the COTC site in the Miami zone. Do have a read of the How it Works page to see better what's in scope for this challenge, you'll find it linked from the top nav there above, or here
In this Explore phase of the challenge it would be very helpful to have your experience as a motorist (or other) as you personally travel around - where works for you - where is a hold up every time - let us know if you have time to post further here. Thanks, Katie, Community Facilitator.