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Terrible Traffic, Tolls and Disabled People With No Mobility

Driving on roads from Miami to Homestead

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On my days off or after work I like to take my children down to Miami to see their grandmother. Its always disturbing to see the enormous traffic on the highways and tolls. There are too many as we speak. Citizens who are residents in the area should not have to pay just to travel to and from their destination. The traffic is horrible. You can barely move over and practically sitting in the same spot for a good 5 to 8 minutes. I believe the city needs to make more roads for people to travel. Traffic creates accidents and that causes a hold on the roads as well. What hurts me the most is seeing disabled people on motorized wheelchairs and canes walking on the side walks. These people need assistance. I wish there was an organization that could provide free service to them. Pick them up and take them where they need to go. Helping one another and making the city better for all should be the goal.


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Hey @DeletedUser ! I am Matteo, one of the Facilitators here.
Thank you for posting your experience!
You point an enormous amount of transit in both streets and highways. And the lack of a good free transportation thoughout the city for locals.
On the point that traffic creates accidents, why do you think these accidents are created?.
And I think on your point on disabled people is so true and there is not a lot of solutions for them being implemented in Miami, have you seen solutions in other places?
Thanks for posting! looking foward to your answers!

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I believe the accidents are created because a lot of drivers are impatient and wreckless. Instead of waiting with the traffic they would rather cut lanes just to pass by. No I have not seen solutions for the disabled having free transportation. But i strongly believe something needs to be done.

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