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Take Uber express to the next level

Have a subscription based 3 ride sharing platform for daily work trips. Car sharing in the neighborhood and downtown, busses on the highways

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Create in-neighborhood rutes with smaller vehicles (mini vans large SUV's) who collect passengers and bring them to a larger more excessible intersection. Over there, have busses bring them to downtown Miami, where their will be smaller vehicles drop them off at their exact locations. The busses should have access to HOV Lanes on the highways to incourage commuters to use the system, and to make the commute faster for everyone. This way the expressways/ highways will have less regular car traffic and more busses and the local traffic downtown will have less busses, and also not really any increase in cars because this would all be based on a ride sharing platform. So I'm bullet points to simplify the process: - 7:00-7:05 get picked up, dropped off by 7:15 at a local bus pickup (an accessible intersection near a highway) - 7:20 bus leaves to downtown. -7:25-40 (dependent on distance in Miami) dropped off at car park off the highway where a vehicle is waiting to take you to your place of work. -7:30-7:55 dropped off at the corner or at the entrance to work. Advantages to this plan: 1 - less people using personal vehicles to get to work. 2 - cheaper than Uber pool. 3 - less walking than busses. 4 - less busses in the small roads downtown, which make wide turns and in general hold up traffic downtown.


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Hi Ari, thanks a lot for your post! Interesting integration of methods to solve daily transportation problems in Miami. Since we are currently in the explore phase of the project, can you shed some light on your own daily transportation experiences that may warrant this solution? What is your daily commute like? Do you often take public transit? Thanks!
-Aly, community facilitator

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Hey, no I do not ever take public transportation being that it is very difficult to use and always takes much longer and Ill always have to walk for at least 10-15 min, which in the Miami heat can be very uncomfortable.

Driving to work has also been very difficult in Miami and I have noticed a few things that make it all the more difficult and that's what I tried fixing.

1. Highways are extremely congested. Us-1, i-95, 837, 827, etc.
2. The busses and trucks trying to manuever around in the small City streets slow down the rest of traffic by a lot.
3. From my experience, a very small amount of people currently use the public transportation for their daily commute or any form of carpooling and I believe if it were convenient enough, quick, not too much walking and especially if their were specific incentives, such as special public transportation Lanes on the highways - say during rush hour in place of say HOV Lanes - their really can be an significant increase in users.