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Stricter rules on construction timelines.

I saw a couple people saying they are sick of construction creating clogs.These projects almost always take longer than they say they will.

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I think it is time to enforce the originally stated time frame of construction work that causes traffic jams. I think there should be a penalty if a project takes a month or longer than the original finish date set in place to complete. Hope that makes sense, that's just my two cents on the matter.


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Hi Leah Perks 

I’m Wilda, one of the community facilitators here.

Construction on has been a theme in the community amongst several residents in Miami. Have you’ve experienced longer than normal construction projects? If so, in what areas?

I belive most contractors pay a fine if they miss the deadline imbut I don’t know if it means anything if they have the means. Whenever I am curious about a particular project I check out this resource:

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No specific areas come to mind, but it just seems to happen more frequently than one would expect in the Miami area.

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Want to dive in a bit? Ford is committed to helping us with the traffic challenges we face here. Teams who can identify the issues and then follow the path of The Challenge will be awarded $100K and meet with city planners to make it happen. :)

What roads have you taken in the last few days have made traffic difficult to get through? Specifically, how does it impact your commute?

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