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Start with the government, then spread to the roads.

There are hundreds of ways to improve the roads, but they won't work unless there is legislation.

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I attached my submission to the Miami new time instagram post. There I added that new driver rules and regulations need to be put in place here in Miami. I drive to north Miami twice a week to attend FIU's Biscayne Campus, there is a shuttle but even on there we experience loads of traffic. While on the bus I am given the strange opportunity to peer in to driver's cabin beside the buses, and most of the time what I have seen are older drivers (70s+) driving in the far left lanes going about 10mph under the speed limit, which is causing traffic and leading others to weave in and out of traffic to get around them. Also seen are adult drivers on their cell phones. So not only do teens need driver safe technology, but so do these adults who are causing more and more accidents daily compared to their younger counterparts. Therefore not only do we need a new traffic pattern but we need to get those off the road that are causing the problems, including those without insurance, which needs to be enforced and regulated. You shouldn't be able to have a car and a drivers license if you have no car/drivers insurance, these people are clogging the road ways and making a daily danger for those of us on the roads following the rules. A third option are more carpool offers, so larger companies should enforce these for an emissions subsidy and help get their employees to work safely while also helping the environment.

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Hi Meghan, Katie, one of the facilitating team here, thank you for this snapshot of your journeys. Phone use whilst driving has come up quite a lot - what is the current law in M-DC?