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Standing up to highway developers

Adding highways should be our last option, all other transit options must be considered before we just add more highways or roads.

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No one will ever walk around biscayne boulevard because it has too many lanes, too many lanes allows the cars to speed down so no one is going to feel compelled to walk in a sidewalk next to a road where cars are speeding down. Right lanes need to become full bike road separated so more people can bike and also feel safer when walking. More trees need to be planted around sidewalks because miami is hot and no one likes to walk in such blistering heat. Trolleys need to be incorporated for the "inner" parts of the city as well. If people want to live in west kendall and work in downtown they need to take a train, not drive there. More train lines need to be added going west. We know the solutions but some lawmakers continue to get pushed around or paid off by highway/road developers.

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I love these ideas! An elevated metro-rail extension from Dadeland South into West Kendall pleeease. Also, the South Beach and F.I.U. metro-rail connections are long overdue.