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Sponsored transit rides

Offer residents free rides/tickets on Metro-Rail / Bus / Tri-Rail in exchange for watching sponsored videos on their mobile phone.

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Why? Miami transit is currently suffering from a ridership decline, this idea would reverse the trend by making transit-based travel free or subsided for the clear majority of riders. How? Riders would install an app on their mobile device that the would log into with Facebook or email. Once they are logged in, they would link their EASYcard and select the transit item the would like to “purchase”. To “purchase” a transit ticket a user would simply select the desired ticket and watch a 2< minute interactive video from the sponsor. This process would be repeated any time the user would like to use transit. Who? Any Miami Dade Transit or Tri-Rail customer with a mobile device. When? 6-12 months to develop the platform and sign up sponsors Summary: This sponsored ride app would benefit a large amount of people in an extremely cost-effective way Riders: Free or subsidized transit MDT: increased ridership and revenue Advertisers / Sponsors: Cost effective and flexible advertising delivered directly to their targeted market


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Ryan, Welcome! I'm Katie, one of the community facilitators here. We are currently in the explore phase of this challenge - so though your idea is very welcome, it has arrived early.

Since this is the explore phase - I'm interested in your statement that ridership is declining. (Also I read on other posts that driving / traffic is awful, and yet ridership is declining?) What's happening here - is it cost? Convenience? Comfort? Why is ridership declining?

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Hi Katie,

I'm no expert, but from everything I have read and or heard... MDT ridership is declining because of a few reasons
1: Unreliability of service (trains, buses)
2: Cuts in service (trains and buses)
3: Miami's climate ( people don't want to wait around in the heat humidity for late/ delayed service)

If you combine all of the above you get the overall reason as to why MDT is declining

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Thanks - great info. And taking the climate into account is a very useful idea too here.