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Smart Traffic

Sensors at intersections One way roads Dedicated bus lanes Less Regulation for Bike/Scooter services or more stations

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We all love our city but all recognize that connectivity and traffic is horrible. Rent is skyrocketing, wages are stagnant, 60% of households earn less than a living income, and more than 51% of the county's families spend more than 30% of their gross income on rent. While natural market forces keep Miami growing, displacing many working class residents westward, we must prepare to adequately service their commute eastward while not adding more financial burdens on them nor traffic burdens on our already congested roads. I propose the County and the Municipalities do 4 things: 1. Add sensors to intersections similar to the ones that monitor infractions This will make roads more fluid by calculating which roads are more in demand and responding in kind 2. One way roads This will also increase fluidity by serving more lanes for one direction, there would be less turns and wait times 3. Public Transportation, specifically Dedicated Buses and Bus Lanes We need Buses dedicated to traveling long distances from say Kendall to Government Center with little stops. Also from certain times of the day, say 7-9am and 4-7pm, certain lanes are reserved for buses 4. Remove onerous regulations like the ones the City of Miami has recently passed, limiting bike/scooter-sharing companies. If you do not support people parking freely at least add more parking/docking stations.

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Hello Joseph Kauffman , I am Matteo, one of the Facilitators here.
Let's remember that we are not in the idea phase, we are still in the exploration phase so what would you say if we change the point of view of your solutions and base them in the problems that they are solving?
1.There is no flow calculations of roads and therefore the intersections are not as efficient as they could be.
2.There are too many two way roads, which adds more turns and more wait time.
3.There are not enought routes to go south, or long distances, over different time slots, based on the flow of traffic.
Let's explore deeper issues, experiences and problems.
Thanks for posting! add a picture to the post to round it up!