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Smart Reversible Lanes, Double Deck Highways and Removal of Express Lanes

Smart Reversible Lanes, Double Deck Highways, More Lanes and Removal of Express Lanes

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for instance if the street or highway has a total of 4-10 lanes both ways make them reversible so that 75%-90% of the lanes are going in the right direction based on morning or evening commute (morning eastbound and evening westbound). outside of these peak times the lanes become smart and can be adapted to be 50/50, 60/40,70/30 configuration, based on which direction has the most congestion. double deck highways also relive congestion. adding more lanes to highways also helps. if the lane has 5 lanes each ways then perhaps there needs to be 10 lanes each way. removing the express lanes will also free up congestion as the toll free cars will be able to use more lanes.

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Hi Wilmer,

Im Wilda, one of the facilitator’s of the community. This sounds like such a great solution to our traffic problems. Right now though we are interested in the problems, and not the solutions just yet. This is the exploration phase. Let’s explore this problem even more.

What problem is causing this?

Thanks again for posting! Great observations by the way.