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Sky Buckets

Similar to a ski lift for faster travel.

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Similar to a ski lift, constantly on going. No stopping, but can have more of a bucket style so many people can feel more secure while traveling above. I feel that if you have a lot of communal drop off/pick up sites, it would reduce traffic on highways. Maybe the city could offer bike rentals at each drop off site for those of us that have to travel a mile from there.

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Hey Carolina Ku ! Thanks for sharing! Great idea adding a video, it definetly adds value to the post! I am one of the facilitators here, my name is Matteo.
Let's remember that we are in the exploration phase right now, we must point out the problems, observations and experiences we are having navigating in the city on every type of transportation, for example going biking to the supermarket or going on a free trolley or however you get around! Tell us a bit more about that please!
Thanks for sharing again!