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Shuttles and Car Shares and Robotic Self Driving Vessels

Cost effective, fast ,convenient, less air pollution and accidents!

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I have always imagined major cities living like the Jetsons in outerspace. My vision may sound far fetched, however it is not achievable. Major companies should provide a hired car service for their employee's. It would be easier for workers to meet at a central location and ride a chartered bus into town. For example, when I lived in Indiana and worked in Chicago, many companies would pitch in for a charter bus to pick people up in Indiana and bring them into downtown Chicago at a central location where we could either walk or take the subway. Another thing is providing the car sharing service similar to the one in Seattle, where people drive free floating cars provided by a free floating car sharing service. They designate a certain area right outside of the downtown area where members can request a ride(similar to UBER) but unique in it's own way. A driver will pick up several members from the area and drive them into downtown. This prevents the overcrowding of vehicles, and the parking situation. Another idea is to only allow people to drive their cars into Miami on nights and weekends, instead of during the work week's business hours. People coming from any place north of Miami should take a different form of transportation when commuting in for work. As far as the whole out of space idea. It would be a big vessel that can hold alot of people, run frequently at high speed ,be the width of 2-3 lanes, self driving, and the ability to lift up over traffic with hydraulics.

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HI Tamika Kwarteng 

I'm Wilda, one of the facilitators here and Miami native!

Like me, you're ready for a Jetson's future NOW. i believe technology will help us get through the many traffic problems we face here. A few questions:

1) What areas do you drive to work and what's traffic like and what times of day? What's your daily commute like?

2) I agree with you! I, too, believe like big companies with lots of employees like both UM campuses and Jackson Memorial could look into what I call "mobility hubs". Check out my post about it here:

3) Don't forget to upload a picture of yourself. I'd like to see where your idea goes and having a profile picture makes it easy to remember where the magic happened. :)