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Shutting down the express lanes

During the bad hurricane last year during the summer, the mayor announced that the express lanes would be shut off and traffic ran normal.

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A lot of construction is being made to expand express lanes but, It’ll be best if all lanes were used with no charge. Many citizens have complained and it should be discontinued. During the hurricane las summer, the mayor announced that all express would be accessible free of charge and I felt pleased moving around to see my family members in Broward with no traffic. If a bad accident occurs on the express lanes, those drivers have to cross the orange poles into regular traffic which is dangerous. Four lanes of normal rush hour traffic might be jammed while both express lanes are cruising and sometimes vice versa which is worse because they’re paying almost 15 dollars to be stuck in the same traffic as others who aren’t paying a dime. I feel like the money lost by the government on sunpass will be less of a toll on them as new construction will be more expensive and way more traffic will be made due to that construction.

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Hey Brian Castillo , Thanks for sharing, I am Matteo, one of the facilitators here.
Just wanted to remind you that we are in the exploration phase still, we are not posting ideas yet.
Also, please let us know how is your daily commute, your experience on the regular use of express lanes and mobility on the city!
Here, I enclose some links for you to find out a bit more about the toll free period because of Hurricane Irma, the main reason for this was evacuation ease.
Evacuation because of the monster storm:
Free toll ending:
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