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Should I walk or take the bus if they both take the same time?

The time I had to find another way to commute in less time.

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When I was younger I did not have a car and I used to live in Kendall. The walking time for my daily commute was 40 minutes, and the time I had to wait for the bus was around 25 and the bus ride was about 15 minutes, so I had to choose one or the other, but both took the same time, so what I eneded up doing was buying a skateboard and reduced my time to 30 minutes in commute, but I got to the end of it sweating. Has anyone else had the same experience ? what would you do/choose?


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Sadly because of my handicap, both would have been exhausting. That is why I'm putting forth a solution for everyone, especially those with mobility issues. That way we get to our destination, we are comfortable. And we didn't have to sit in traffic, or arrive being over heated and sweaty. The two options would allow for a smooth transition from a morning cycle to power assisted travel to the destination. Also that would make for great physical therapy. The moment we left the hospital, we would be able to start a better life.

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