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Shared Mobility Hubs + Protected Lanes + Multi-modal App + Incentives

Convert parking and public spaces to shared mobility hubs. Book private or public rides with one app, network protected 2-wheel lanes.

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Urban trips under 5 miles are best served with shared electric 2-wheels like electric bikes, scooters, and on-demand van-pool. For trips over 5 miles car-share, ride-share , and mass transit do the job. Mobility Hubs / Protected Lanes / Multi-modal App / Incentives 1. Dedicate public space for shared wheels to live in, pick-up and drop-off people 2. Build a network of connected and protected 2-wheel lanes 3. Make it easy for people to choose and access any private or public shared ride with a multi-modal app like HOPR ( 4. Incentives. The more shared rides you take the more $'s you make! municipalities and businesses can provide tax deductions and discounts for verified shared miles ridden

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Thanks for your post Josh, I am Matteo one of the facilitarors here.
At the moment in this phase we are trying to find out what really needs to be solved, or helped, we will get to solutions in later stages of the challenge.
Nonetheless great ideas, but before getting to these ideas I am sure you identified problems, please tell us a bit more about where do you draw these great solutions from.
Again, thanks for your contribution!