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Sensor driven traffic lights, effective super highways and driver education paired with powerful driver fed support networks.

During my 26 years living in Miami one thing I notice the most is that the traffic lights could use a "smarter approach" directing traffic

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In order to facilitate the flow of traffic, proximity sensors will need to be equipped to traffic lights to measure and control the flow of traffic. I've seen numerous times in which a traffic heavy street is held up by lights by either not giving drivers sufficient time to flow. One benefit of proximity sensors can be used on cars making lefts. If no cars are making lefts, then the sensors will inform the camera to prioritize time for regular green light vehicles. Another instance a sensor will be used will be continue having green lights for vehicles when the intersecting road traffic lights do not sense any vehicles. Other ideas to improve traffic flow: 1. Educating drivers on what to do with non life threatening accidents. And clearing the roads after a crash. 2. Creating a user friendly app that will connect drivers to a network on road activities and shortcuts they recommend. 3. A "diagonal" super highway stretching from homestead to Aventura. Our existing "east west, north south approach is not gas or time efficient. Exits will be determined based on votes from Miami residents.


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