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Sensation Paths - Creative Sidewalks and Walkways

What do you think about creative and innovative walkways and sidewalks than just plain concrete?

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Well, so most who are curious, what is a sensation path? It's technically like a walkway dedicated to barefooting, which is something that can be innovated for better health with its 50+ health benefits:

It can bring up some assumptions, but it is actually a healthy innovation once you get a better understanding of barefooting like in the Prezi link I left above for you to check if you haven't done so already. I even found out that they are common to be found in some European countries since they even have some public barefooting parks to people to explore and innovate with nature:

So, whether as a new attraction at a science museum (what I personally would like to see) or an addition (or replacement) at parks as the new sidewalk pathways, or even as something anyone can create in their backyard or as their new walkway to the front of their house, wouldn't it just be more innovative or at least creative to have something more than just regular slaps of concrete everywhere?

Besides, for those who love going/being barefoot, some of the floorings you can choose for the path, like synthetic grass or wood or even hay, are technically not going to really become hotter when in hot weather unlike cemented concrete in the summer time.


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who in the world is going to go barefooted in the heat to burn the soles of your feet or in the rain to get all muddy? this is a joke. find me ten miamians who will voluntarily walk out there without shoes. I can't stop laughing.

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Ariana Hernandez : I do not see how improving and innovating one's health is comical or even a joke, but I am saying that sensation paths can be created for those who enjoy being barefoot outside while not dealing with the heat itself, which (scientifically) is only common to be found on concrete and not so much on other outdoor floorings like grass, hay (in the country/farm areas), wood, etc.

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Really? Do you seriously think that it will alleviate traffic? And you say it is not a joke?

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Ariana Hernandez - This idea is not for alleviating traffic; I already have a different post about it in terms of some ideas for traffic, but specifically for traffic lights. To be honest, this one is technically for a way to innovate the city as a way to replace some sidewalks or walkways. No; I am not much of a joking person; I am pretty honest when it comes to saying something for ideas to help innovate something or someone.

Wilda Previl and Matteo Cappelleti - Anything either you want to add or elaborate on this topic?

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This platform is NOT just for alleviating traffic. Ford, it’s psrtners along with the 100% open team are looking for innovative ways to get Miami residents to enjoy the journey. The PROPOSE phase asks, “How might we make daily journeys fresh, easy, and adaptable to the needs of Miami-Dade residents?” Sensation paths sound pretty fresh to me.

Be be sure to join us there with your FRESH ideas!! Can’t wait to see your posts!

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Lew Sterling 

I am only going to ask that you meet us, the facilitators, as well as the other community members at the next phase, PROPOSE. Here, you’ll be able to submit your proposal for sensation paths in Miami-Dade. I’d love to see parks in the city have sensation paths!

Also, we had a community workshop last week at the CIC building on 19th Street. We have 3 more scheduled. It’s be great to have your idea amongst the others being discussed. :)

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Wilda Previl - How are you doing? First off, thanks for the comment earlier about how this platform is not just for traffic and about how to innovate anything in the community. When it comes to innovating, in terms of improving, I never joke about health since it is important to have a healthy system both mentally and physically. It is sad when people make something as simple as barefooting to improve their body as a joke, which is not and should never be a joke since it is actually going to help one's system. I always try to bring new ideas for people to think about something that is commonly not said that can make a big impact.

Anyways, to properly reply to your 2nd comment, I first off want to apologize for the massive delay of this comment. I am going to continue the proposal in the Propose section on about sensation(al) paths along with something I also want to call "The Aldi's Effect", which is something I recently thought about and wanted to address as well. I am currently unable to meet in-person at the CIC building, but would definitely go there once. However, I will create a document about my personal on the sensation paths in Miami-Dade along with another document about "The Aldi's Effect" and find a way how to email to you or the CIC building. Is there a way to have a workshop online as well as via Skype, by any chance?

P.S. Nice that you really do like my idea to be discussed amongst the other ideas and topics.

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