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Seasonal Transportation

We get quite a lot of seasonal visitors and they all use vehicles. The roads become very clogged. Not enough public trans/roads crowded.

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Our solution is to not go to the areas that are very crowded and to use backroads (if possible) to get where we want to go. Otherwise it would take at least double (and sometimes triple) the length of time to get where we want to go. That happened when we had to take a road to a restaurant where we were meeting our friends for dinner. Off season it takes about fifteen minutes but it was in season and took us close to an hour to get there (no 'backroads' to take) because the only way to the restaurant was to take a main road there. We've never made a mistake like that again. We only go to that restaurant when it's off season.


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Photo of Darlene DuFrane

I loved just about everything about European transportation! For the most part the trains, subways and buses were on time, clean, ran often and (if you didn't use them during 'peak hours') weren't real crowded. Some countries were better than others. The Italian trains and buses tended to be (a bit) run down but still efficient. The German, Swiss, Spanish and Austrian trains were the best. The prices were reasonable as well.

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