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Revitalize SW 8th Street in front of FIU to make Sweetwater and FIU more transit and pedestrian friendly

Thinking beyond single car, single passenger trips & improving quality of life for Sweetwater residents and FIU students

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Traffic on SW 8th Street, in front of FIU, has gotten worse over the years. And after the FIU Bridge Collapse, it has come to our attention that we need to consider making FIU more transit and pedestrian accessible, while at the same time, relieving the area’s traffic problems Since SW 8th Street is one of Miami’s busiest roads, why not build a Tamiami Trail Tunnel (between SW 107th Avenue and the Turnpike) to carry thru traffic and reduce the at-grade portion to four lanes (two each way). That way, cars won’t be weaving across four lanes of traffic, just to turn into FIU or onto SW 109th Avenue. Above ground, why not supplement the envisioned bus station with a Metrorail station, to convince the city to extend Metrorail to FIU. And last but not least, let’s rebuild the FIU Pedestrian Bridge (but higher and sturdier this time) as the centerpiece of the project. We owe it to the community to finish what we’ve started and bring people together.


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Mackenzie Kram 

Hey, I’m wikda, one of the community facilitators here. So I thought your post was great and I hear so many residents voice their concerns about SW 8th/FIU area. I can only imagine the nightmare. My friend works for HR and tells me horrors stories.

So you've got got a great idea here. Now that we’re in PROPOSE phase, you should post your thoughts there. The bridge collapse is still very fresh in our minds and in our hearts so be sure to contribute your idea for a revamped Calle Ocho in the next phase. See you there! :)

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