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Resuming previous post about Miami mobility problems

The City of Miami is inarticulate, an inarticulate city can't provide a fast mobility from its customers.

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We had mentioned natural obstacles in previous contributions like swaps, ponds, lakes, canals, etc. Now we also like to mention an inefficient road and urban layout and manmade obstacles as columnated for bridges, enclosures for buildings, expressways etc. Good examples would be how residential areas have multiple dead-end roads all over the city, also how palmetto expressway, Dolphin expressway, I 95 create obstacles and an unfortunate layout for public spaces have been converting the city in transitable. A bike route provides to access downtown thru SW 1 St is an example of how a bad intervention with liable purpose could endanger mobility, it creates a chaos entering downtown from one of the most important communication roads and difficult the access to I 95. In a city with so many blockades it's difficult to create a fluid net for private or public transportation and by the way increase the costs by expending more time and fuel to get to the different areas. Meanwhile important parts of Miami remain isolated like for example South Beach where its communication with main land is virtually confined to very crowded bridges with a few lines of traffic and we don't take advantage of a extensive water sources for maritime public transportation as in Chicago or New York, Paris, London, Etc.

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Hey, Pedro Castellano  Thanks for your post here! Matteo again here.
I see what you are saying, there is no propper planning, I get that, but how do these issues affect you in your daily commute? tell us your experience behind this issues.
Your observation on the water sources that could be implemented is great! I really think there could be a way to make this more efficient and move people from cars to ferries or other water transportation ways.
Please do tell us more about your issues and experiencesa s we are still in the exploration phase of the challenge.
Don't forget to add a picture to the post to make is stellar!