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Reduce traffic - Miami Dade (provisional explore contribution)

Miami traffic needs to find ways to allievate its heavy pressure. I am personally looking very excited to submitting an application for MD!

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As a provisional contribution for the Group during the "Explore" phase of the Miami Dade challenge. It is my understanding that we disclose our idea / concept during the Proposal period? Does anyone know? I'd like to say Miami traffic is very bad. The pressure is highly intense and fluctuates drastically based on day, time of year, and during particular events. In the "Application / Proposal" phase of the project, my idea will be disclosed in detail & submitted for consideration as the $100,000 start-up prize money winner. It's clear this will be a big undertaken and take some special people to pull it off. As an initial contribution to the Group for exploration and innovation, think big & inspire others with those thoughts. Thank you Ford thank you Miami-Dade for allowing me to participate in the project!!! -Matt

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Hi Matt - further to Matteo Cappelleti 's comment - please look at the How It Works page linked in the main navigation at the top of any page, for reference - -
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