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Reduce traffic by partnering with local businesses to encourage more employee telecommuting in congested areas.

Like energy efficiency programs that encourage less consumption and free up the grid, we need the equivalent for traffic. It’s cheaper.

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Like energy efficiency programs that encourage less consumption, we need the equivalent to reduce the bad traffic. I’m originally from Miami and it is no secret the majority of the traffic is work related. In this day in age and even with more sophisticated tools, it is difficult for most companies to let go of having everyone report to the office, even if it means two full hours of unproductive time on the road. I think Ford could take a leadership role to partner with local businesses and encourage them to take a hard look at what employees and job roles could reasonably be done remotely. Each company would need to apply some common sense guidelines to ensure it does not negatively impact their business. I feel the immediate fix is to change our habits first before developing other transportation alternatives which are likely to be high in capital investment. Ford could identify those local business that have the most people reporting to work in the most congested areas and work together to solve the traffic problem for the community. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we make a concerted effort to reduce traffic, entrust more employees to work remotely and also realize business gains through increased productivity? The energy industry has learned over the years that it is less costly to reduce consumption then to build more power plants - let’s do the same to make a significant and sustainable improvement for Miami’s traffic. We can do it - and it’s way cheaper...

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Hey Eliecer Viamontes ! My name is Matteo, I am one of the facilitators here in Miami.
Great ideas! Great usage of images and graphs! Congrats on a great post!
Your observation is that Traffic is work related, really focused on fixed times right?
The commuting time is also another one and the short amount of remote jobs that affect directly the car traffic.
Let's try going a level deeper on those idea, why are these like this? what is your experience on these?
Let's focus on the phase we are in, the exploration phase, we will get to the idea solution phase later, we need to see what are the main concerns, observations and experiences we are having now in the city in our daily commute or mobility space.

Thanks for sharing!