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I have found that using public transportation is a very scary experience. People do not know where they are going, there is no respect

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I find public transportation to be too crowded. Too many people are allowed on at one time, sometimes the drivers do not even speak English. So therefore I HATE using it as nobody wants to help


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Hey Luann Marinello , As KatieWalsh 100 said, this is really powerful, we would love to know more about this! Sorry about asking you more questions, but I can imagine for a person that speaks other language besides from spanish must be difficult to get around.
Why do you think the people react by to getting into the same bus and overcrowding it?
Have you asked people for help? Why do you feel nobody wants to help? Do you think this is just a language difference?
If you do not use the public transportation because of these aspects, how do you usually get around?

Thanks for your post!
Matteo- Community Facilitator

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