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Really? $ 100,000

Really? $ 100,000 less taxes for a solution for Miami traffic? No one will take the time to post a complete and reasonable solution for some

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Hi Maykel, thanks for this post - I think that you are looking at the prize in the wrong way - the prize will pay for a pilot of something - we don't know what yet - that will help to solve some specific issue or problem, we don't know what yet. That's why we are asking for your transportation experiences. In Detroit, where this challenge has been run before, it helped to get a service running for residents of a particularly underserved area to get to a reasonably priced supermarket so they could get better food and better prices.
Our problem will be something else - but the pilot will help in some way to make things better. I hope that's a bit clearer, please check out the How it Works page for more detail. Linked from all pages in the main nav above, here's the link Katie , Community Facilitator.