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Rail Extension

Our city is in desperate need of alternatives to vehicles. Whether it’s above ground or at ground-level we need a plan for rail extension.

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I recently visited the city of Houston to visit one of my former military friends. Down the main avenues of his city there is a train or some may call it a trolley. It goes up and down the avenues and It gets people to where they need to go without having to deal with traffic. The main goal should be to get as many people out of their vehicles as possible. The current locations of the metro rail and Tri-Rail stations are simply too far from residential areas. Four years many of the residents have been complaining about the limited real options in our city. If the rail lines simply extended toward the beach down on main street’s, of which there are only about five or six, this would alleviate a ton of traffic and frustration amongst drivers. The rail could also go up and down Collins Avenue also known as A1A. So many of our residents work either on the beach or in downtown. Driving to and from those areas, being only several miles from the highway, take over an hour to reach getting in during the morning rush hour and leaving during the afternoon rush. There also aren’t enough dedicated bicycle lanes. I say this because in some areas the bike lanes are shared with Road traffic and people here in Miami have no respect for bicycle riders. I’ve seen too many cyclists have close calls with vehicle because of desperate drivers. My little brother was hit by a vehicle while he was riding his bicycle because the woman tried to use the median to get ahead of traffic.

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Hey Angel Rosado ! Great observations! Do you happen to have pictures of the trolley you saw in Houston? that would add a lot of prescense to the post, and attract more participants to comment! And about the transporting people in and out of the beach or downtown, how else do you think we could do this without adding more vehicles to the roads? let's try to go a little deeper into these ideas. Maybe something cool comes up from these thoughts!
Thanks again for sharing!