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Public transportation would work so much better if there was more parking for vehicles. . .

If there was more planning public transportation would work. Yes, we have public transporation but how to get to it.

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I am a life long resident of Miami Dade and have worked about every end of the county. I have never taken public transportation. The reason is it that it has never been accessible. The situation that I am in right now is the best example of this. This is with me working in downtown Miami and only living 9 miles from work. You would think that I could/should take public transportation and when I got this job I researched it. But half of the commute would be me walking to and from my bus-stop closest to home. I live a 15 minute walk from my bus stop by home. There is a shopping center near this bus stop but I am not able to park my vehicle on this private businesses lot for these purposes other than to shop at their store. This is what stops most people from taking public transportation. Why would I take the bus if it is 1.) going to take longer for me to get to/from work 2.) I am going to be sweaty by the time I get to my destination. 3.) it is the same amount of cost if not more than driving. If there was parking at main intersection bus stops this would possibly be a reliever of some congestion. Case in point: I thought I would at least take the metromover from college north station to the school district stop every day which would relieve some congestion in dwntwn and make my commute less. There is no parking at the school district station for metromover riders. Thus you must pay a private lot and I am getting a better price at downtown than away 4rm it.SAD + little plannin


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I fully agree there should be hubs for park and ride commuting similar to how it is done in other cities.

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Hi Robert, thanks for your comment! Are you having similar experiences during your own commute? Which routes would you suggest might most benefit from park and ride commuting?

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