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Public Transportation

A variety of Public Transportation to reach those currently not connected.

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I feel a way to help relieve Miami-Dade traffic would be to expand the Metro-rail system to connect to more areas such as Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Homestead, West Miami-Dade and more. I also feel in the more populated areas there should be more rails for the Metro-Rail, allowing more commuters to travel at once. I also feel our city needs to have more of a focus on Public Transportation - more bus routes/times, more FREE services to promote our city to use these services. I also feel that these services should be above the street level to allow more space for the cars on the road.

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Hey Stefanie!
Thanks for posting and sharing your experience! I am Matteo, one of the facilitator's here.
So you are saying that the main problem that you idenfitied is that the public transportation routes are too short, and they could be expanded. The second problem for you is there aren't enough bus routes/times, nor FREE services to promote our city. To build on that last problem, I see you are observing that there could be a way to use the promotion of the city as a key aspect to base the services on , how about something like this: ?

Thanks again for posting! Great observations by the way.