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Public-private solutions & greener spaces

Sidewalk tree cover, user friendly bus stops. Smaller buses,more frequency, convenient park & rides.Incentives to carpool, train in West.

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In order to improve transportation issues, weather must be taken into consideration. Increased walk-ability to bus stops, better bus stops ( weather-adequate), along with more frequent transportation could alleviate some of the issues that Miami is facing. In addition there needs to be a better connection between Miami, Broward County, East and West. Special shuttles for special events are needed as well.

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Hi Andrea, I'm Aly, one of the community facilitators here. Welcome and thanks for bringing up all of these ideas. We're currently in the explore phase of the project and are trying to learn more about the day to day transportation experiences Miami residents are having. Can you tell us more about how you've personally experienced some of the things mentioned in this post - walking to bus stops, dealing with bad weather at bus stops, etc.