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Beyond Express Lanes

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Block out a lane or lanes in Palmetto/Turnpike/I-95 understanding that you skip say 10 miles of possible exits. Every highway. Even the express lanes are too short. This will provide more options to everyone. One can travel further without impacting shorter commutes, and vice versa. Think Bayside to Dania no exits.

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Hey Johnny Barcia ! I am Matteo, one of the community facilitators here.
Just to remind you that we are not yet in the solution phase, we are in the exploration phase, trying to grasp with all the issues, problems, experiences and other cities solutions.
Let's exlpore on your pain points, so you state that the main highways are too crowded right now, but people are open to take other routes besides from highways, why arent they taking them?
What is your experience on this issue? The options are already there.
Thanks for posting!