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PLATE DATE: Mobility And Environmental Awareness

My thesis consists of not only easing the traffic overall in the Miami-Dade county but also helping to protect its natural environment.

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Kudos to Ford for initiating such a great incentive that could be applied not only to a particular county but our entire country. Dade county traffic issues have increased dramatically in the past 20 years & peak hours seems to be disappearing daily due to the increase of constant cluster of vehicles 24-7 PLATE DATE can be the solution for traffic problems 1) An organized system where vehicle plates ending in a specific number cannot be on the road during "rush hour or peak hours" Mon - Fri (fewer vehicles on the road) 2) If a vehicle is caught during these hours, the owner would be penalized with a severe fine (extra income for the county and/or the city) 3) Only public transportation will be allowed (creates jobs/ increases economy) 4) Only vehicles with 3 passengers or more will be allowed on the road (pulling) 5) Once a month, a weekday will be assigned to this system where from 7am to 7pm no vehicles will be allowed on the road except public transportation & vehicles with 3 passengers o more (positive environmental impact) 6) PLATE DATE costs NOTHING Obviously, other solutions can be more bridges, more public transportation as monorails, trolleys, cable cars and such that will help prevent the traffic jams in Dade County but that would be more expenses that could unbalance budgets and reserves. PLATE DATE may or not eradicate the problem but it will definitely ease the situation. Not only is cost effective but it is green oriented. Thank you for the opportunity!

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Hey Richard Santos ! Thanks for your post, I am Matteo, one of the facilitators here.
Take a look at this post:
Similar to what you are saying.
Thanks for sharing nonetheless, continue the conversation there.
But remember that we are in the exploration phase, where we need to share our observations, experiences or frustrations, not in the solution phase just yet.