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Plan ahead of time

Use technology wisely

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How it works for me is that I use waze “time to leave reminders” which you select how much time in advance waze will notify you when its time for you to leave In order for you to get to your destination on time. I always set it up 20-30 mins earlier just in case of an unexpected event on the road. I also have the “do not disturb while driving” on my phone. That means that when im driving I wont receive any notifications or calls unless is an emergency. Because at this point the main reasons why traffic is caused is because either people dont plan ahead of time or because they are using their phone while driving and it causes accidents and distractions.


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Hi Tiffany, I’m Katie, one of the facilitators here in this community. How often per week, or month maybe, would you say you need that extra half an hour? Sounds like a good idea not to have too rush, but on he other hand, it makes for an early morning?

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Hello! So, it all depends on where i’m going and at what I have to be there or what route I need to take. But basically I only apply it when is “rush hour” 7am-10am basically and is Mon-Fri.
Example: I need to be at work at 8:30 am so I go on waze “time to leave reminders” and see how congested traffic would be at that time that day, if its very congested I schedule that I have to be at work at “8:00am” and it will tell me at what time I have to leave my house to get there at “8”.

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I see! It's a good policy!