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Pick a plate : It will help control traffic during peaks hours. They can’t drive during certain times of days.

This innovated idea will allow drivers to drive during a certain time of the day depending on the first 3 letters or numbers of plate.

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even thought it’s a pain in the butt but it will have control of how many people drive during certain times. Police officials will be monitoring license plates and if your driving during a time that you can’t, then you will be citied etc.


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Great comments everyone!I am Matteo, part of the facilitator's team. Let's not forget that we are in the exploration phase, that focuses on finding out what really needs to be solved, or helped, we will get to solutions in later stages of the challenge.
So you clearly are observing that the density of cars in our roads is too high for the amount of space, what other issues do you identify besides from this? What are your biggest pains in getting around the city on a day to day basis?
Thank you for posting again! These are some great observations!

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