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Pay people to walk...

Pay people or provide incentives to those who like to walk more which would create a domino effect of more people walking.

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Realistically only a third (if that) of the population need to use vehicles because of handicaps or long distance travelling, so I would suggest setting up a system that would get people to walk more. It would help both traffic and would make for good daily exercise which would release more endorphins and lead to more innovations within the city. It's the simple things in life. Other than that shuttle/bus services and carpooling seems like the best reliable option if implemented correctly.


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Additionally the means to track somebody's walking is more common than ever, the fitbits iPhone watches, and the Android watches all have the capability to track and are connect to the Internet. So the means to be able to track somebody and know that they're moving certainly suggests a for a pay for walk system wouldn't be that hard to develop. Perhaps insurance companies could contribute funding to this because people that are walking are healthier and there would be less insurance claims..

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Exactly, we are in a perfect place to make something like this into a reality. And government endorsement seems like a viable option to keep it steady. It all really boils down to the effect traffic is having on the environment and money shouldn't be an limiting factor in helping to clean it all up. We need something like this.

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In Grand Rapids, we pay people to recycle by giving points( I think). those points can be use to pay city services like trash ... granted it's a discount, but its helpful. A similar program could be used to motivate alternative transportation.

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