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Parking garages/lots with a shuttle bus to many areas throughout Miami. PARK N' GO is a convenient way for miami to lighten traffic flow.

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Park N' Go will be an easy way to lessen traffic of cars in Miami dade county. Simply build parking garage structures and parking lots with a shuttle system; where tourists, locals, and neighboring county's can park their car and ride a shuttle to visit heavily traveled areas like Miami beach. The shuttle system will be battery or solar powered shuttle vehicles. This will allow people to travel throughout Miami Dade county and beaches more safer, easier, faster, and efficently. This will make it easy to access the Miami Dade area and beaches without worrying about traiffic or PARKING, and also can save gas or fuel. Park N' Go will also be environment friendly and the fleet of shuttles will be electric run by lithium battery or solar power. The shuttle vehicles should be customized with a florida theme: such as palms trees, or oranges. Park N' go garages and lots should be built near and around popular locations throughout Miami Dade county and beaches. Alton road, Keybiscane, Dolphin Statium, South Beach, Downtown Miami ect... The cost for a ride should based similar to the Miami Dade public transit cost. Tourists, locals, and neighboring county's will want to go and visit Miami and the beaches because parking and traiffic will not be an issue.


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metrobus parking (park'n go) should be free. in addition to the fare (monthly costs are prohibitive) people have to pay to park by the station, and that is the wrong way to go if they want to encourage people to use public transportation. it ends up being quite a bit cheaper (and a lot faster) to drive.

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