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My Daily Commute

A short contribution describing my daily commute, including the reason why I do things the way I do.

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I live near 88th and 57th in Pinecrest and work near 33rd and 27th in Doral. I have an easy commute – 6:20am,88th to 826,826 to 25th, 25th to 79th, 79th to 33rd,6:50 And then back again 4:10pm-4:50 or 6-6:30 These are the biggest pain points: 1. If I leave after 6:30, the US-1 and 88th intersection is blocked when the light changes 2. the lights on 88th from US-1 to the 826 are all green long enough that you can make it only if you speed 3. On the 826, everyone is doing 75 instead of 55 until we all hit traffic 4. 826/25 light is so long #The return 5. I leave the office outside of the 4:15-5:45 because my 30 minute drive turns into 45m-70m 6. Turning left from 79th to 25th and then 25th to 826, is the most frustrating part of my day, lots of people cross the double line to pass loads of people to get in the left most turning lane to then cut back in to the right most lane to get on the 826. Some of them blocking the 79/25 intersection in the process. 7. Once on the 826 I cut over to the left lane to avoid the people who cut in last second after taking the exit to 836 as far as they can 8. stop and go in traffic on the rest of the 826 9. This light has a sensor that seems to be too far forward because people will sit too far back and not trigger it leading to a long wait period Summary: Unenforced laws: 1 & 6 Bad light timing: 2 & 4 Variable speeds: 3 & 8 Rush hour: 5 Lane Jumping: 6 & 7 Driver education: 9

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Hey Fred Cobb ! Thanks for posting your commute and pain points! My name is Matteo, one of the community facilitators here.
Wow, amazed, what a great post!
Loved the summary of themed pain points:
Unenforced laws, Bad light timing, Variable speeds, Rush hour, Lane Jumping, Driver's education.
Stellar post! Wilda Previl KatieWalsh 100 
Also, don't forget to add a profile pic!

Photo of Fred Cobb

Hi Matteo Cappelleti ,

Thanks, glad you liked the summary

I have more thoughts after this weekend concerning parking
Should I do another post or here in the comments?


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