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More security watches over Miami drivers

100% support of red light/stop sign cameras. Completely eliminate express lanes on all major highways and monitor speed/traffic on highways.

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Miami is known world wide for its traffic. As a Hispanic, I firmly believe that people bring their driving habits cdom back home. It’s not just them, it’s everyone. Yellow lights are green lights and red lights, street signs, speed limits, crosswalks, and basic driving rules all seem like recommendations. No one seems to know howngo use their turn signals when switching lanes, and driving at 100mph while cutting people on and off on the highway narrowly avoiding 50 sideswipes on their way seems like a norm. The Dolphin Expressway, I-95, the Palmetto, and the Turnpike all seem like Nascar speedways day in and day out for everyone, especially BMW and Acura drivers - it’s unbelievably specific. The express lanez installed in I-95 are literally EXPRESS LANES to some as they think they can drive up to three times the speed limit. I believe that increased security imagery surveillance by means of red light cameras and speed limit monitors that provide tickets to those that disobey the rules would fix a lot of the traffic. I also believe that taking the licenses away from 99.9% of all Miami drivers would help but it’s okay to dream right?


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