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RFID validation of Insurance, registration and hopefully the implementation of a state inspection. Enforcement of left lane passing only.

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Smart license plates could amount to a huge reduction in non legal vehicles on the road. Everything from registration to insurance can be processed and alert traffic officers in the area. The state needs to also make an inspection every 2 years for vehicles to ensure road worthiness to keep from breakdowns on 95s. The biggest issue that causes congestion on 95s is people lane hogging and utilizing the passing lane then moving back right. This causes the 99.95% of all accidents in Florida if not all over the USA. Because of this drivers pass on the right lanes to go around slower moving traffic. Maybe digital traffic reminders via sync and media displays could be implemented to remind drivers to move to the right. Cars have seat belt minders for safety, now is the time to have bad driving habit minders to encourage good driving behavior. Lastly parking is a huge issue of drivers circling blocks over and over and stopping and going. Digitally reserved parking spaces and times could be utilized with multi car elevator parking spaces for reservations. The solution is easier than it seems. It's the legislation and enforcement that needs to be encouraged. Left lane passing only is already a law. It really needs to be enforced. Yearly Inspection of commercial vehicles needs to be implemented 100%, Last year a 22.5" wheel and tire broke loose on 95 South bounced across the highway and took out my friends 4-Runner. It was totaled, he was lucky to walk away.


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Hi Chris, thanks very much for posting. Are you someone who could e.g. help develop the tech you mention, or does it all already exist? I'm based in London in the UK, we have a compulsory yearly test for any car over 3 years - I don't know the comparative stats for breakdown, but it happens, and is good news safety, and for motor mechanics - but not always good news for car owners! To be fair - you hardly ever see broken down cars clogging up traffic here - it's unusual I would say. Chris, I'm not sure if your ideas are in scope for this project - see what you think - How it works page -
your poor friend, thanks for sharing that story - terrifying.

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RFID Technology already exists, they even have daily license plate tracking and billing in Miami and Florida via Cameras. They had eliminated toll boths and went to video. RFID and many other technologies are available. As for statistics need to refer to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and probably have data from Road Rangers. The daily highway accidents are 100% from everything I have previously mentioned, other than just bad driving and habits. Stricter Licensing would be a bonus.

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Great - thanks for reply Chris.