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Synchronization of traffic signals, Traffic Light timers, Speed Min/Max for each lane

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-Synchronize all traffic signals on major streets/highways i.e. Biscayne blvd, Collins Ave to minimize congestions. - Add a timer screen to all traffic signals (like the ones used for pedestrian cross walks) on major intersections to allow drivers to calculate brake distance therefore minimizing red light accidents. - implement a legal speed limit max/min for each lane on i -95 ,making the left lanes highest velocity and the right lanes the lowest velocity, to be highly enforced by law officials with strict fines if not abided. This will allow commuters to drive in lanes that match their desired speed without having to interrupt the flow of the expressway creating uniformity and minimizing not only unnecessary traffic, but accidents as well. The speed limit min should be painted on each lane with reflectors at every mile marker. - routine traffic stops conducted by law enforcement officials should not obstruct moving lanes. Frequently I experience traffic jams simply because law enforcement has stopped someone in the middle of a busy street blocking lanes just to issue a traffic ticket. The vehicles should always be pulled over to the curb or nearest parking lot anywhere that does not obstruct the flow of traffic. Not only to better the flow of traffic but also, for the safety of law enforcement officials.

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Thanks Jazmin! - Thanks for posting. This is an incredibly specific set of ideas you have here. I guess at the bottom of it is that drivers need more help, more rules, and more enforcement to keep the city moving?