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Mobility Hubs?

What if the biggest employers with the most employees provided transportation?

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Some of the biggest employers have the most employees on the road: UM/Jackson, Baptist Hospital, FIU. What if Ford and it’s partners were to create a station which picked up employees going to these stations?

Do you remember being picked up by the school bus? Imagine a modern, connected version of that. Brightline is leading the way in south Florida, connecting the tricounty area. What if there were these hubs or stations placed at various points throughout the city where employees can park their cars, wait for the bus and get to work. Less drivers = less distractions. I imagine 1-2 buses each hour to ensures employees got to work on time, taking a bus load of employees to their destination. Each afternoon/evening, bus picks up employees back to hubs.

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Wilda Previl :
Companies with pick-up stations for the employees sounds like a great idea as well. But at the same time, do not some way use it as a company taxi service as a way to earn extra money? The hub stations for various companies and universities also sound like a safer way for people to get to places for both employees and even for students if it is a bus for those who work and go to school.