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Miami Public Transportation

I am contributing an idea for easing the traffic congestion that we run into on a daily basis all over Miami and outlying areas.

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First of all, we must understand that Miami is a city that has been struggling with traffic congestion for many decades, not just some years back. Secondly, our elected officials such as our county commissioners and city , county mayors have paid very little attention to this problem. I'm sure that they'll strongly disagree with me, but lets face the facts, NOTHING has been constructively accomplished in the last twenty years and more, to alleviate traffic congestion in a meaningful, quantifiable way. One of the biggest problems is that they are very short sighted individuals who can't seem to look towards the future when it comes to planning. Our Miami traffic history can attest to that. I remember reading somewhere about a master traffic plan that was developed in the late sixties or early seventy's that mentioned a railway running along the Dolphin expressway East from downtown Miami West to Florida International University and then South through the Turnpike to Florida City- nothing ever came of it. We all know how expensive a railway system is to build and to maintain, but why not then implement a bus system using the same route? A combination of express buses and local stop buses that run on a tight and varying schedule in accordance with "rush hour' demands. We are currently undergoing a flurry of new highway bridges construction and adding more lanes to re-mediate that which should have been implemented a long time ago. One problem, shortsightedness again.

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Hey Sal! Thanks for posting this. I am Matteo, one of the facilitarors here.
I understand what you are saying, there is a clear mobility problem when travelling fromEast to West and South to North. Let's go deeper on the issues, let's focus on these, as right now we are on the exploration phase, and not in the solution phase yet, why do you think this is? , What other observations do you have about people going from point A to point B?
Thank you for posting again. (if you want bigger exposure to your idea, don't forget to add a picture to the post!)