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My contribution is coming from a daily personal experience. I commute roughly 3.5-4 hours daily from home-work and vise versa.

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My name is Adriana Serrano, I'm 23 years old, a aspiring lawyer which currently holds a paralegal position at a known Insurance Defense firm . I live off exit 2 on Florida's Turnpike and I work right off Miracle Mile. We all know the rent prices in Miami-Dade County are by the roof which makes all of us commute anywhere from 1-2.5 hours daily(some of us 3-4). Given the amount of time I've spent on traffic daily, I have gotten a closer look at the Big Picture. More people are moving South because the prices are lower but not enough employment, there for people continue to commute North for a better income. When you look at the traffic reports in the morning, the traffic flows North, when you look at the traffic reports in the afternoon the traffic flows South. I have two ideas that will decrease- eliminate the traffic hectic traffic situation. The Metro Line ends in Dadeland when there is plenty of space to create a metro line above the bus lanes all the way until at least Southland Mall. I think this will decrease the traffic by a lot. All those people on their daily hustle coming from south to Brickell, Downtown, and The Gables will be removed from the traffic equation. We need to improve our public transportation or another solution will be altering Miami-Dade public schools working hours. Pushing it back so it doesn't collide so much with working hours. The best Idea in my opinion will be extending the Metro Lines. If you have any questions please reach me via email.

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Hey adriana serrano ! I am Matteo, one of the facilitators here.
I think you do 2 great points here:
1. People can afford to live close to where they work
2.Traffic flows north in the morning and south in the afternoon.
Let's focus in those 2 issues as we are currently in the exploration phase, not just yet in the solution phase, what else can you notice from these two big problems, how do you solve this issues?
Thanks for sharing again!