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Miami dade traffic.

How to fix miami dade traffic.

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To be honest. If they were to build a separate highway system. For just school traffic. It be a big relief. Something like the busway. Reason I'm saying this. Every year when classes finish. Traffic lightens up even on the mayor highway's. As soon as school starts it goes back to the horror of parking lots on the major highways. Another way they can relief bad traffic that wont be as cost effective. Is to have a schedule where school traffic doesnt interfere with the daily commuters that go to work and back. Most classes start between 7:30am - 8:30am. As well as many have to be at work between 7am - 9am. If they worked a way to go around this. Daily commuters traffic times it would make a massive difference in my opinion. I say school traffic would be easier to manipulate. Then businesses, corporations, ect ect.

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Hey Alberto Loyola Great post!
My name is Matteo, one of the facilitators here.
I think you could add value to this post:
Also comments about time traffic and congestion based on work instead of classes.

@Eliecer Viamontes
  Check this pot out, I think you two could discuss some ideas.
Great observation both of you, really seasonal and time related problem we have in transit in Miami.

Thanks for sharing!