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Miami Dade

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I have lived and worked in Miami Dade for over 35 years and I feel the situation getting steadily worse. Our problems are less about the amount of cars or people, but the abdication by the various police departments in dealing with them. When I came here there were what appeared two police departments, one dealing with crime and the other traffic, then at some point they merged into one. Now nobody seems to even try to enforce traffic laws, everybody drives way over the speed limit and not only doesn't stop, but doesn't look when turning on the red light. Maybe if the police started ticketing drivers for going over the speed limit, even by a little bit, everyone might calm down.


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Hey Mitchell Gam ! Thanks for sharing, I am Matteo, one of the community facilitators here.
I am sure you have seen change a lot of positive change in Miami as you have been living here for over 35 yearrs as well.
Why do you say the situation is getting worse in the mobility space?
I get what you are saying, but let's go deeper into these aspects, is there an enforcement issue only? don't you think there is also a lack of driver's knowledge? Why would you say people don't follow transit laws? is it just in transit? or also in other forms of transportation?.
Thanks for sharing again!

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People are people, the world over, without even an attempt at enforcing the traffic speed limit laws, people, even those who know better will and do take advantage.
Try driving the speed limit on 95 or the Rickenbacker and watch the angry reaction from your fellow drivers, if you doubt it. It is not that they don't know what the speed limit is, it is that they know that they will not be ticketed for speeding.

Driving in Miami is frustrating, our lights seem timed against the flow of traffic, without any coordination between them. Sometimes I think it would be better if every single light in Dade County turned at the exact same moment, at least then the light 1 block away, wouldn't turn red as soon as the one you are sitting at turns green.