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Metro Rail Expansion and Co-Municipality Coordination

How do we eliminate traffic? Make it easy to get everywhere w/o a car! Expand the metro rail and bus connections all throughout Dade County!

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To eliminate traffic, we must limit the amount of cars driving on the road. Previous highway expansions to accommodate more cars have not been successful and will continue to fail if we invest our money into more highways. How can we avoid more traffic in a growing city where every person needs to have a car? To eliminate the need for a car for a large percentage of individuals. An optimal solution is to form a county-wide plan that helps interconnect the city through metro-rail expansion, municipality coordination with local trolleys, and better bus routine formations. Most metro rail users take it because they have no other form of transportation, very few people used the metro because of convenience . To have a reasonable amount of the population to consider using the metro, we must have a large expansion reach most if not all communities. Moving around has to be practical for people to give up their cars. We need people from Miami Gardens using the metro as frequently as people in Brownsville or Brickell. Deconstruction of building will have to be done, but this can be done (We did it for the Marlins, after all). Furthermore, in areas where the metro cannot reach, we must have buses that can take you to the metro and to other areas. Miami buses are slow, late, and infrequent. Local trolleys have helped but not resolved the problem. Increasing interconnections between trolleys while expanding funding for county-wide busing can eliminate cars on the road in Miami.

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Thanks very much for your post Andres, and your smart looking profile image too! There was no need to dress formal here, but glad you did. How do you get around the city? What are your observations? Are you able to live without a car?