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Merge lanes

Adding merge lanes of a annexed lane to areas of congestion specifically in Miami dade

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Hey my idea of contribution would be to add infrastructure to our high ways, making annexed lanes of even merge lanes in areas of congestion. The area are mainly concentrated in areas with numerous amounts of exists, for example on the 836 in Miami dade by the international airport. Heavy construction that occurs there causes a lot of delays, how ever if there was to a annexed lane that traveled for the person not wanting to get off in certain exits it would benefit the community as a whole. Some people sit in traffic due to the fact that everyone is trying to use the same exit and that can cause congestion and even accident. Something else that can go hand in hand with that is variations of speed in certain areas, Germany has one of the worlds most spokenabout high ways the autobahn. Is we pay close attention there is rarely any delays or congestion sin there due to the annexed roads and speed control.

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Hi Cristian, thanks for your post and welcome! Seems like a useful idea. Do you have experience yourself being stuck in traffic trying to get off at the 836 - tell us more about what happens, how long you're usually stuck, etc.? Also, if you have any pictures of an annexed road example that you think may fit the bill, please post it up - it makes your post more memorable!