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Mass Transit

mini tram lines and bus service to connect neighborhoods to mass transit metro rail locations.

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Massively increase County bus services and use existing old train rail lines throughout Miami -Dade County as mini tram lines to connect neighborhoods to existing and future metro rail lines . There is a present plan to use these old train lines as green space. Miami is in dire need of mass transit. A better use of these old train rail lines would be to use them as a transport method to connect to Metro Rail. Presently individuals must drive their vehicles to Metro Rail stations. Driving to the closes Metro Rail station defeats the purpose of reducing vehicular traffic. More bus service and the addition of tram rides along old train lines will reduce vehicular traffic


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Hi Francisco, thanks very much for posting into this challenge. Would you say that a lot of the traffic you experience is not A to B traffic, but A to a train station?

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Unfortunately Miami traffic is horrendous from 7am - 7 pm each day. There are traffic jams on the weekends!
Lack of REAL mass transit has been a failure in this community.  Bus Service is just as bad.  Every year you hear of bus service being cut back, bus routes eliminated, etc.
The community has been charged a transportation tax for years and not much ha been added.

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Thanks Francisco, take a look at this Pittsburgh post, it will be good learning for you with this post if you read all the comments too, I think, I hope, it will inspire you, you have a lot in common!